About Us

We began our food service business in the 1970’s on a very limited business — catering weddings and other special events for family and friends.

In the 1980’s we “officially” began our catering business, doing weddings, anniversaries, parties of all descriptions, fundraising events, and more.

Hot funnel cake from Papa, topped with powdered sugar -- as little or as much as you want.Our concessions operation began in 1992, and over several years, we phased out of catering and devoted our attention to concessions. We started with a general line of items, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, etc.

We zeroed in on funnel cakes in 1993, and worked to make that our specialty. And by the number of compliments we get from folks, we feel like we’re getting pretty good at funnel cakes. After all, it’s the only thing we do… so we’d better get it right.

We strive to serve each of our customers the hottest and freshest funnel cake possible, and don’t like to cook up a bunch of them and have them set under a heat lamp until someone is ready to buy one.

We hope that the next time you see us at a fair or festival, you’ll try one of our delicious funnel cakes–either the “basic” model with powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar, or one of our deluxe models with either chocolate syrup or one of three fruit toppings — strawberry, cherry or apple!


Papa’s Funnel Cakes is proud to be a N.C. owned and operated business, by a native “Tar Heel.”